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Avazu DSP is a self-developed and self-service platform for PC and mobile advertising promotion. Avazu DSP is proficient at improving ROI for advertisers as Avazu continues to update the orientation technology and analysis abilities.
Global Inventory
Cover global premium inventories; integrates with dozens of Ad Exchanges, including banner, native, video, pop, adult, PC traffic etc.
Multi-dimension report provides data for precise optimization. Automated rule will also assist you to optimize your campaign.
Precise Targeting
Geo targeting, store targeting, time, country, city, network connection type (3G/wifi), OS, OS version, device brands, device type(mobile or tablet), browser, carriers, IP Range, device ID list, Gender, traffic type, reaching precise audience and improving users’ activity and CR.
Global publisher List
Create Global publisher list, include or exclude the list directly in the campaign.
Multi-Dimension Report
Multi-dimension report for precise optimization, support API report, change campaign status and bid price.
PMP is providing high quality traffic to premium advertiser with a fixed bid floor price set by the publisher.
Bid type
You can choose from multiple bid types according to your goal: CPC, CPM, CPA, CPM optimized towards to an eCPC, CPM optimized towards to a CTR, CPM optimized towards to an eCPA.
Machine learning
Industry-leading technology provides prediction on CTR/CR, and fraud detection model excludes non-human traffic
Traffic Planning
Review 100% transparent inventory sources. We provide data with all dimensions, including the bid price for your reference and enable you to download the channel lists.
General tools
Third-party creative, Beacon URL, real-time report, self-payment, 3rd party tracking, API reports, campaign folder etc.
Varied Campaigns
Banner ads, Native ads, In banner video ads, In stream video ads, pop ads, anative ads, and Rewarded Video Ads Campaign.
Agency white labeling
Support customized white labeling. Design a dedicated website for your brand.
Easy payment
Visa, Master card, American Express, Paypal, Alipay, Wire supported.
Third-party tracking
MAT (Mobile App Tracking), Appsflyer, Adjust, Tapstream, Kochava, Talking Data, Voluum, and Newbidder.

Avazu Private Exchange

Avazu Private Exchange(APX) is an important component of the online advertising market, and has recently become the focus of attention and investment at the moment. APX offers global advertisers with massive media traffic and diversified ad delivery services.
Audience-centric Media Buying
APX manages audience-centric media buying On the basis of real-time bidding. The tracking system is highly transparent, and fully supports clients' monitoring and optimizing with third-party labels.
Brand Control
We cooperate with multiple ads verification companies and data providers so that we can confirm the ads of our clients will not be displayed on the websites with inappropriate content.
Strategic Pricing
By using prediction algorithm, we help our advertisers to optimize CTR/CPC/CPA and categorize their ads.
An Unprecedentedly Large Scale
More than 700 million daily impressions on average.
Avazu Private Exchange (APX / APXP) was launched in 2011. As a full self-service and self-control ad exchange based on performance, APX offers a top online marketplace for mutual benefit of advertisers and publishers.
Advanced Technology
Real time report with plenty of mobile metrics
The report could be generated within less than 1 second (no more than 2 seconds). The metrics such as Clicks, Conversions, CTR and RT can be viewed in terms of ISP, OS, Browser, Brands, Org and Net speed.
Distributed Cloud Architecture
APX supports high concurrency, big offer and massive clicks (Even up to tens of millions of clicks per day won’t cripple the redirection speed).
Smart Ranking
Each campaign has a network ranking according to history revenue data. Offer Recommendations can be applied automatically (sorted by top offer according to EPC and Volume) automatically.
Flexible APIs
Open APIs are supported for web owners to integrate their own systems and interact with APX database. Revenue info can be viewed instantly over mobile phone according to web owners’ apps cross systems (iOS, Android, Windows).
Viewable WYSIWYG Landing Page Editor
APX has many Pre Landing Page templates. Even if you don’t know much about HTML or CSS, you could also edit, create and download Landing Page through APX’ssystem background.
Various Private Functions
Optimization tools aiming at Right Media and AdWords are included.
Financial Guarantee
Net3: $1000 is a minimum payment, pay by week or twice per week once the affiliate’s daily revenue breaks ten thousand.
Automatic payment
The payout is higher than the 3rd party affiliates (with exclusive Teebik offers).
Massive Traffic
Leveraging on the branches across the globe, APX provides a great number of offers on both mobile device and PC, including mobile content subscription, sweepstakes (iPhone, iPad), CPI, etc.
Hot offers targeting worldwide.
Thoughtful Service
APX supports Landing Page and customization for the offer.
Professional AM team with one-to-one service
As one highly customizable displaying advertising, aNative offers seamless integration with a variety of applications, and one-stop app monetization solution for application developers. Featured with API and SDK integration types, aNative intend to benefit all channels, users and advertisers.
Easy Access
You can seamlessly integrate native ads through SDK, C2S API, S2S API, JavaScript, iFrame / WebView techniques.
Fast Payment
Standard monthly payment (as per Display/Click/Conversion) with weekly payment terms for large-volume publishers
Global Monetization with High Fill Rate
100% fill rate for global traffic
High performance Ads Solution
aNative SDK provides a high performance consolidated advertising solution, include In-App Store and News Feed
Highly Customized
aNative offers all ad assets (app icon, name, rating, downloads, etc.). App developers can easily stitch the assets together according to their app’s look and feel.
Self-Service, Data Transparency
App developers can fully control and manage the native ads. Real time reports for clicks and conversions are available for optimization