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Avazu Mobile DSP

Avazu Mobile DSP is Avazu's another proprietary product. It is a self-serve platform dedicated for mobile advertising. With consistent innovation in mobile targeting and target audience analysis technology Avazu Mobile DSP is continuously increasing revenues for advertisers.
100% Self-Serve
Advertisers are able to create, start, pause and optimize their campaigns by themselves within our easy-to-use platform.
100% Transparency
Our real-time reporting makes it much easier to optimize, blacklist/whitelist different dimensions including Inventory Source, Inventory Seller, Carrier, Device and more.
Massive Amount of Global Inventories
Up to 18 Ad Exchanges integrated and waiting to be integrated. Easier and more efficient media buys with global reach.
Above-industry Machine Learning Engine
Hundreds of dimensions are taken to enable fully performance-driven RTB based CPM bidding. Integrated fraud protection scans and filters ad impressions before every bid.

Avazu Private Exchange

Avazu Private Exchange(APX) is an important component of the online advertising market, and has recently become the focus of attention and investment at the moment. APX offers global advertisers with massive media traffic and diversified ad delivery services.
Audience-centric Media Buying
APX manages audience-centric media buying On the basis of real-time bidding. The tracking system is highly transparent, and fully supports clients' monitoring and optimizing with third-party labels.
Brand Control
We cooperate with multiple ads verification companies and data providers so that we can confirm the ads of our clients will not be displayed on the websites with inappropriate content.
Strategic Pricing
By using prediction algorithm, we help our advertisers to optimize CTR/CPC/CPA and categorize their ads.
An Unprecedentedly Large Scale
More than 700 million daily impressions on average.

Avazu Private Exchange

Avazu Private Exchange (APX), is an exchange platform for independent publishers to convert website traffic into revenue. Advertisers post premium offers on the platform, while publishers with rich media resources and channels take them. Supported by the technical and managerial knowledge from Avazu Inc, advertisers and publishers are mutually benefited.
Better Performance
Distributed cloud architecture ensures the speed of jump page not affected by a large amount of clicks. APX is built with thoughtful and useful tools, such as offer recommendation, visualized jump page templates and editors. Open API allows users to develop independently and exchange data with APX.
Hot International Offers
Advertising offers covers global market, across PC and mobile devices, with competitive payout.
Better Reports
Performance data of ads delivered to mobile end can be demonstrated from multiple dimensions such as mobile operators, operating systems, browsers, brands of smartphone, etc. Mobile application APXP allows users to view reports at any time.
One-stop Service
Avazu APX has been integrated with Avazu DSP, providing one-stop service for publishers.
Flexible Payment Period
Weekly payment may apply to publishers with a good reputation and a large amount of traffic. Benefited from the automated billing system, publishers can check the payment status themselves.
Fanatical Support
Professional support team provides one-to-one online support service. Responsible compensation scheme is also applied: publishers will be compensated if they suffered from lost caused by the APX platform.

Teebik Games

As a subsidiary of Avazu Inc, Teebik Games is a global platform for mobile game publishing,dedicated to providing professional and integrative services for mobile game developers across the globe. Its services cover game quality assessment, industrial analysis, mobile game localization, global publishing and operation, technical assistance and multilingual support service, etc.
Game Quality Assessment
We help our clients evaluate the potential profitability of their games and accordingly elaborate sophisticated promotion plans with an eye to their target audience, promotion modes, and pricing strategies.
Multilingual languages support
Our customer service team is professional, systematic and standardized. It provides 24/7 seamless customer services, to support marketing objectives and achieve customer satisfaction.
Global Publishing and Promoting
We publish high-quality mobile games in more than 30 countries and regions in the world. We promise to the game developers that every game operated by us will be listed into the top 10 games in the regions.
Outstanding Data Analysis Skills
Our professional operation team is dedicated to tracking the data of mobile game players and analyzing how these players discover the products. In this way, we help developers to improve the products and maximize the returns on investment.
Localization Services for Games
We provide translation service for games in 8 most spoken languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese and Indonesian.
Professional Operation Team
Our operation team consists of talented experts with deep knowledge of both computer science and game industry. We not only play the role of a technical pioneer in the industry, but also pay close attention to the healthy development of the entire industry. We are your trustable partner on the way of realizing your objectives.