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Avazu is founded in Brunei in 2009, and is committed to programmatic buying and performance marketing.
Fully Compatible across Devices

As different devices have diversified characteristics and functions, it is necessary for advertisers to compose customized ad creatives accordingly for different devices and audience. A majority of the big companies have already started to adopt cross-device marketing to keep their customers surrounded by their brand images.

Controllable Costs in Ad Delivery

Avazu Inc helps advertisers effectively control the promotion costs by providing a variety of pricing models, including CPA and CPC.

Access to Billions of Customers

Avazu Inc has cooperated with more than 3000 high-quality media, and integrated their ad networks to cover multiple subjects, including finance, IT, automobile, news, entertainment, sports, women, etc. These channels can bring more than 100 billion monthly traffic , and reach over 85% of the global Internet users.


Yi Shi is the founder & CEO of technology company DotC United Group. The company owns mobile advertising platform Avazu, app developer DotC and data business intelligence platform Noogenesis. In 2014, Shi founded Teebik which is focused on global mobile game publishing. In 2015, Shi sold Avazu to Shenzhen-listed gaming company Zeus Entertainment for more than $300 million to realise a back door listing onto China\'s A-Share, and he continued to oversee Avazu\'s advertising operations. In 2017, he privatised Avazu from A-Share and injected all Avazu\'s assets into DotC United Group within a $360 million transaction. Yi Shi is recognized 3 times by Forbes as one of China\'s and Asia\'s 30 under 30 entrepreneurs, made to 2016 Fortune China 40 Under 40, and Hurun 30 Under 30 for China 2017. He is also the chairman and founding investor of oBike, a young startup in the bike sharing space which aims to become the next generation transportation platform designed for the first- and the last-mile.


In 2009, Yi Shi founded Avazu in Shanghai. Back to that he was a pioneer in programmatic advertising and proposed purchasing digital ads via ad exchanges based on the RTB (real time bidding) model. As an early adaptor of programmatic and algorithmic advertising Avazu belongs to one of the major innovators in Asia’s digital advertising industry.

In 2014, He founded Teebik, a global mobile gaming platform. In the same year, Avazu raised a Series A round of $48 million.

In 2015, DotC United was established. Few months later, Avazu became listed on China’s A-Share market through a backdoor listing transaction (002354), which was by date the largest transaction on the Chinese public market within the digital advertising industry.

In 2016, DotC United Group raised RMB300 million in its Series A.

In 2017, DotC United Group secured $350 million in its Series B round, and injected all Avazu’s assets into it through a privatization transaction. Currently DotC United Group’s businesses include Avazu ad platforms, Noogenesis data business intelligence platform, and DotC’s proprietary apps.
After Series B, DotC United Group is valued at more than $1 billion, and belongs to the list of global unicorns (companies valued at more than $1 billion). Furthermore, Yi Shi is recognized as one of the world\'s most promising tech entrepreneurs.